The first launch of the Circulating Fluidized Bed Isothermal Plant #madeinNURIS
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Today, the first launch of the Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Isothermal Plant was made in our Laboratory of clean coal technologies. The launch was successful!

Congratulations to the group of researchers under the supervision of Kalkaman Suleimenov, Doctor of Science, who is conducting research on "Development of boiler furnace technology for burning high-ash coal of seam 3 of the Ekibastuz Deposit and depleted coal/waste coal" in the framework of a project with Samruk-Energo JSC. Based on the results of the research work, recommendations will be developed for the design of CFB boilers for burning Ekibastuz coal.
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The Plant was manufactured and installed by NURIS MachineShop engineers.

The research team is looking forward to the results of the first tests!
CFB Isothermal Plant is intended for research of:
options for circulating material supply systems to the furnace

the influence of the number of air nozzles for aerating air entrainment, places of air nozzle installations and the flow rate of aerating air on the operability and performance of the pneumatic valve and L-valve
the mechanism of the formation of a descending air flow in the riser and the influence of design and operating factors of the pneumatic valve and L-valve using CO2 as a labeled gas
studies of the influence of the main geometric parameters of the pneumatic gate and L-valve on their performance
studies of variants of circulating mass capture systems
The cross section of the Plant is 0.12 × 0.2 m
The cross section of the furnace is 0.024 m2
The total height of the Plant is 6 m
The Plant consists of 7 sections
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