Dear creative makers and friends!
After a long time we are launching of extended course by Filmmaking Vol 3.0!
About Filmmaking 101 (extended course)
This is a filmmaking course for beginners. During the course you will learn the basics of filmmaking and visual effects and will be able to create commercial videos and art projects.
Yerlik Agzhanov
Film-maker and Director
Course mentor: Erlik is a cameraman and videographer with huge experience, a graduate of Nazarbayev University. He has collaborated with large companies to create advertising materials. In 2019, Erlik, as part of the E-18 team, became the winner of Markethon, a digital marketing hackathon for the best video solution.
What will you learn?
Basics of camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, white balance, histogram)
Composition, framing, camera positioning
Camera movement, gimbals, tripod, stabilization
Work in Adobe Premier Pro (basic knowledge, tools, techniques)
Working with clients and promoting services
Course details
Teaching language: Russian
Starting date: July 29, 2021
Number of lessons: 9
Course fee: 18 200 KZT
For this course you will need to bring your own camera (any video camera will do) and software.
To register for the course / check out course syllabus, please click below to proceed to online payment. Registration will be closed once 15 people have registered and paid.

Q&A: @nuris_dclab(Instagram)
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