Incubation Program for creative enterpreneurs held for the First Time in Kazakhstan
As part of the Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship Skills Initiative
Digital Creativity Lab (NURIS) conducted the "Pimp my freelance" incubation program.

The event was held online. The participants were representatives of such professions as graphic designers, marketers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and art managers from Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Petropavlovsk, Semey and Budapest.

For a month, aspiring entrepreneurs received experience in the intricacies of running business projects, searching and communicating with clients, monetizing talent.

The project was supported by the British Council and Loughborough University.

Topics for mentoring sessions
  • Personal brand and PR
  • Clients: who, how and why?
  • Freelance: there is a client for everyone
  • Canvas business model: a willingness to handle the numbers
  • How do you turn talent into money?
          All speakers covered their topics well. We went through the entire development program for freelancing in a complex and cool way. I am satisfied with the business program for creatives and have learned a lot of interesting things. Regarding recommendations for future streams, I would like more networking so that creatives from all over Kazakhstan can communicate and share experiences. Thank you for this opportunity.
          I really liked the program. I would definitely recommend my friends to go through it. Moreover, participation is free. From wishes: I would like more lessons on financial and legal issues of providing services as a freelancer. And also, I want more live communication with the participants. I hope that by the end of the Program we will be able to keep in touch with all the participants.
          Main Results
          19 participants
          7 mentoring sessions from industry professionals
          5 cities from which the participants were represented
          All participants had the opportunity to get advice from professionals in the creative industries
          Stanislav Appazov
          CEO Appazov Branding Agency
          Iliyas Issatayev
          CEO Invictus Fitness
          Adil Aubekerov
          Yrysty Yerden
          Brand Strategist of Appazov Agency
          Kanat Nurkanov
          Founder of Glitch Animation Studio
          Zaure Rozmat
          Founder of The Steppe Media
          Aika Alemi
          Art director, designer, founder of the Business of creation incubator
          We thank everyone who shared with us this amazing experience of new ideas, inspiration and practical knowledge.

          We hope that Pimp my freelance has become for you a place for collaborations and interesting communication with the same caring professionals in their field as you.

          See you soon!