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We present to your attention an interview with Aidar Zhakupov, the General Director of NURIS, about the activities of the Renewable Energy Testsite (RET) operating on the territory of Nazarbayev University.

The interview was published in a new issue of the
Qazaq Solar magazine.

Below is an excerpt from the publication.
"Another important issue is the problems of energy supply for the agro-industrial complex and rural facilities. Often, a business that needs to design and build grain storage facilities, vegetable storage facilities, greenhouses, etc., simply cannot get the technical conditions for connecting to the electric grid due to a lack of capacity.

The relatively high costs of installing power lines and significant energy losses in the networks for new facilities are also a deterrent to the development of rural areas in Kazakhstan.

Therefore, we focused on creating a demonstration platform for the use of small renewable energy sources for autonomous power supply of buildings and structures. The Testsite infrastructure is a complex of energy systems and renewable energy sources facilities that operate from solar, wind and ground low grade heat.
It was important to create experimental real wind turbines, solar panels and solar systems operating in real climatic and operational conditions for renewable energy sources research infrastructure.
Therefore, the RET was created. During 2012-2016, at the expense of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, experimental installations of hybrid wind and solar installations were created. SunPowerOasis C-7, the solar station was built (TOTAL grant). A renewable energy hydrostorage system with a mechanical water wind pump was installed (Chevron grant).

In 2017, Shell Yurt, an energy-efficient house with autonomous heat and power supply systems, was built at the expense of BG Kazakhstan grant (Shell). Within two years Shell Yurt management system was updated, and Smart Grid system of the RET was refined. This year we have developed and published a set of laboratory papers on Shell Yurt, the energy-efficient yurt.
The full text of the interview in Russian
can be found on the website of
the Qazaq Solar magazine (p.36-43)
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