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NURIS MotiVibe: "Startups + corporations =?", a guest seminar by KPMG
How to make business processes more efficient, and the company itself more profitable? Innovations needed. Can a startup be an innovation provider for corporations? Yes, sure! Let's talk about it together at our "Startups + Corporations =?" seminar, organized with KPMG.

Date & time: January 29, at 3 pm
Venue: Nazarbayev University, Glass pavilion (the pyramid building), 2nd floor, conference hall
Language: Russian

Қазақша оқу
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* Due to the limited number of places, please participate in the seminar if you are registered.

If you are registered but cannot attend, please contact by e-mail so that we can offer places to other participants.

Innovation cluster of Nazarbayev University
Nur-Sultan city, 53, Kabanbay batyr Ave.
Tel: +7(7172)70 66 43, 92 99