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NURIS MotiVibe in collaboration with Magnum holds the ONLINE HACKATHON, and applications are closed.
SciTech BootCamp 2.0 passed successfully
Do you have an idea and the determination to put it into action? And NURIS Cluster has the opportunity to help you take your idea to the next level!
live broadcasts with Aidana Tolesheva organized by NURIS MotiVibe
  • About the project " Hydroplat"
  • About the experience of participating in the international competition "Climate Launchpad"
  • About the results of 2020
  • About future plans
live broadcast with Daniyar Amanaliev
Daniyar is a co-founder of the ololo group of companies in Kyrgyzstan, which includes the ololo coworking network in Bishkek, Osh and Issyk-Kul, as well as the development company Liberterra, the business accelerator John Galt, the event agency ololoEvents and the digital agency ololomedia.
We are glad to inform you about the result of the joint cooperation between the resident of Technopark "KazAeroSpace" LLP and the Professor of the School of Mining and Geosciences of the Nazarbayev University Peyman Pourafshary
Their joint project "Creating a 3D map of underground utilities in the urban area" won a grant from the NU Commercialization Office.

The problem with most cities is the presence of abandoned underground networks and the uncertainty of their exact location.

This 3D map will solve these problems by taking an inventory of all networks according to the methodology developed by us, using GPR, device for detecting underground cables and GNSS equipment.
Technopark Tenants and NLA developed the project "Automatic news analyzer for trading".
"Wealtrix" – tenants of NURIS Technopark together with a leading researcher of the National Laboratory Astana - Bakhyt Matkarimov developed the project "Automatic news analyzer for trading".
It is a kind of assistant that does computer analytics and provides squeeze recommendations for buying/selling a stock.
Technopark Tenants and participants of the Astana-Technopolis FEZ - KNPC Astana Engineering LLP successfully presented the Optoculus fiber-optic security system at the Astana-REC facilities
NG-PHOTOBIE startup is a participant in the ABC Incubation x TCA 2 Program, engaged in the production of bioplastics
Shortly before joining the NURIS Business Incubation Program, Mukhanov Daulet and his friends - Berdikulov Dauletzhan, Pazilov Daniyar, under the head of the school professor of chemistry, developed a photobioreactor smart installation that is a cube that circulates and feeds micro-algae
Are you a scientist, a startupper, a developer of new devices or do you have an idea?
We will help you implement it at all stages from creating design documentation to presenting the finished prototype
Machine for foam plastic shaped cutting
Our NURIS Machine Shop has launched another machine! The new CNC machine with independent movement of a string allows to process both the expanded polystyrene (foam) and the extruded foam of any density.
Custom pulleys for belt drive #madebyNURIS
The NURIS Machine SHOP received an application from a team of NU students participating in the Shell Eco Marathon project, for the production of custom pulleys for belt transmission of torque from an electric motor to the driving wheel of an electric car.
Steel cases for radio-electronic equipment #madebyNURIS
NURIS Machine Shop received an application for the manufacture of steel cases for radio-electronic equipment. The enclosures are distinguished by their design features, weight and size, the number and variety of installed elements, as well as the requirements for climate design
Brackets for Professor Spitas' project
In the NURIS MachineShop pilot plant, 6 steel brackets were manufactured in the size of 300*220*600 mm and 1 steel frame sized 440*220*640 mm from 40 mm thick metal sheet

Request came from Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor at the School of Engineering.

If you have an idea, you can always ask for advice from our engineers by sending a request to machineshop@nu.edu.kz
This application was submitted by Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor of the School of Engineering, as part of the Research Project "Nonlinear hysteresis damping of granular nanocomposite cellular structures for vibration and optimized design of artificial space satellites (HYST)"
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