DEAR NU COMMUNITY, just a little more – and again we'll dive into the May holidays – in general, joy and entertainment for every taste (literally: picnics, walks in the park, trips to Kazakhstan, etc.). And in order not to get tired of delicious food, online parades and working non-working weeks, here is a small selection of events of the NURIS Innovation Cluster. In general, rest! But better with us ))
Presentation of the Renewable Energy Sources Testsite
The NURIS Innovation Cluster, are always open to cooperation and are happy to organize and participate in webinars/online meetings.

We conducted several introductory seminars.
On the seminar was attended by 55 students studying in the specialty "Energy-efficient design of buildings and structures" with students of the L. N. Gumilyov ENU.
NURIS was represented by Yerzhan Syrgaliev-Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NURIS Advisor and
Anvar Kolumbetov-engineer of the NURIS RES TestSite.
The co - organizer of the seminar from the L. Gumilyov ENU was Olga Nikolaevna Semenyuk, Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor, Associate Professor.
We also held several ZOOM meetings, during which a presentation of the RES Testsite and areas of research in the field of RES and energy efficiency were presented, and areas of possible joint cooperation were discussed.
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Instagram @nuris_cluster
We remind you that we are open to all kinds of partnerships and joint implementation of projects.
The hackathon was held from April 12 to 25 and was aimed at solving big data in retail.

The hackathon is organized by @nuris_cluster with the support of Magnum Cash& Carry.

In total, more than 100 applications were submitted, of which 88 teams were formed.

Total prize - 1,000,000 tenge!

So, the following teams became the winners of the hackathon. See in the our Instagram @nuris_cluster.

The awards are scheduled for May 6, 2021.

We congratulate our students, graduates of Nazarbayev University and wish them further success!
THE RESULTS: SciTech BootCamp 2.0
Dear friends, the second stream of the School of Technological Entrepreneurship SciTech BootCamp 2.0 has ended!

We have received more than71 applications from all over Kazakhstan, as well as from Kazakhstani students studying in Belgium, Japan and Korea.

During the training, our participants completed a 2-week online evening course on the basics of technological entrepreneurship.
In 2 weeks, the participants of the program not only gained new knowledge on launching and developing their business, but also were able to communicate with many entrepreneurs who have achieved great success.
Thus, Arman Suleimenov, Adlet Eleusov, Kenzhegali Nurgaliyev, Bauyrzhan Ospan, Dimash Zhunusov, Rula Raim, Adil Suranchin shared their experience.

The advantage of the program was its practical component. The participants of the program were divided into teams and completed their homework, for example, they generated an idea, made a list of co-founders, and also described their potential client.
You can see the feedback from our program participants in the
Instagram carousel.
Deadline for collecting applications has been extended until June 1, 2021!
Hurry up to submit your application!
Do you have an idea for a green business and want to play a role in creating a greener world?

Then you need to participate in the ClimateLaunchpad 2021 competition to see how your idea becomes a reality!
The ClimateLaunchpad competition invites innovators in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, water supply, transport, industrial technology, and any other sector that has an impact on climate change.
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Dear NU students!
NURIS Technopark invites you to a SUMMER INTERNSHIP in resident companies.
During the summer internship with the tenants of the Technopark, you will be able to consolidate and expand your knowledge gained at the University, acquire the necessary practical skills for working in production, as well as master advanced methods of technology and labor.
Apply for an internship right now by clicking on the link
Today, a live broadcast on Instagram about the pros and cons of opening production in Kazakhstan.
Bauyrzhan, the founder of the startup Cleverest Technologies, will share his experience in creating small-scale production.

We will also talk 🗣 about what Cleverest Technologies is currently doing.

- how the guys started their first production, in what batches and where.
- What problems they encountered when opening production;
- how and where they buy components
- how many people are involved in production;
- and also Bauyrzhan shared Plans for expansion.

🗓 May 5;
⏰ 18:00;
📍 Instagram- @nuris_cluster.
- how to protect yourself and your craft;
- what rights do you have;
- and you can also ask questions to our professional patent specialist from Nazarbayev University, who all this time helps professors and inventors to register their unique inventions and developments

Talk on Russian - YouTube record
Creative Spark Case Competition
Digital Creativity Laboratory (NURIS) in partnership with Loughborough University and Mars Kazakhstan
invites you to take part in
Dear NU Community!

The Innovative cluster of Nazarbayev University announces the launch of the 8th stream of the
"quickstart VIII" acceleration program!
The programme is designed for emergent entrepreneurs with innovative or technological business ideas and projects.

Application deadline: till May 31 inclusive.
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Startup beGame in the "Science" Program, Khabar 24kz
And again, in the "Science" Program, Khabar 24kz presented innovative developments in Kazakhstan. This time, Bekzhan Iskakov, the founder of the startup beGame, a graduate of the NURIS acceleration program, spoke about his project.

This is a cloud gaming service that already has over 1,000 users .

Learn more in the Instagram ( Russian)

We remind you that the recruitment of participants to the NURIS "quick start" Business Acceleration Program is planned in early May. This is an intensive business acceleration program that involves the effective development of a startup in the shortest possible time.
Science program told about interesting scientific developments, namely, the Qmobot robot
Qmobot robot was invented by our startups-graduates of NURIS incubation and acceleration programs.
The guys are going to introduce a real robot with chips and microcontrollers in the curriculum for schoolchildren.

This way, children will be able to improve their skills in robotics.
The education system will not need to train specialists to work with the robot. Just watch the video instructions.

For Kazakh children, the robot itself and courses in Kazakh and Russian on working with it will be free of charge.

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The startups program presented to NU Graduate School of Business FT MBA 2022 students
On April 30, a consulting session was held for startups of the ABC Incubation X TCA business incubation program with NU Graduate School of Business FT MBA 2022 students. For students, the session was held as part of the Entrepreneurship course led by Professor Jiyang Dong.

This session gave startups an opportunity to receive critical feedback and recommendations from MBA students, whereas for students the session became an opportunity to get hands-on experience to analyze real business cases and develop recommendations using the knowledge and tools provided during the Entrepreneurship course.

Such a session organized by NURIS business incubator and Professor Jiyang Dong, NUGSB, is being held for the second time - the first time was held in the spring of 2020. Both times, both students and startups shared only positive feedback, so it is planned to continue this practice further.
An unusual way to buy food with a discount of up to 80 % was invented by a student of NU
Webinar on "Product Development Management" was held.
On April 19, as part of the Startup Development Program from idea to sale "ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0", organized by NURIS Cluster with the support of Shell Kazakhstan with the global entrepreneurship development program Shell LiveWire, a webinar on "Product Development Management" was held.
The speaker was Nurzhan Iskendir, Senior Product Manager at BTS Digital.
Nurkhan is also the founder and former CEO of the legal startup Antidolg.kz, which was recognized as the "Discovery of 2019" at the Digital Bridge Forum and attracted an investment of $ 200,000.

We would like to share some useful points from the webinar.

See the Instagram @nuris_cluster
Startup project SmarTestPrep received funding in the amount of $ 50,000.
Dear friends, read this news urgently and get inspired with us. A team of ambitious and talented guys launched an innovative startup project @smartestprep, which received funding from Quest Ventures in the amount of $50,000.

The sponsor and partner of Quest Ventures is Temasek - the largest venture capital company in Singapore.
SmarTestPrep is a finalist of ABC Incubation X TCA 2.0, which is supported by Shell Kazakhstan with the Shell LiveWire Global Entrepreneurship Development Program.

ABC Incubation X TCA 2.0 is a 12-week business incubation program for the NURIS Innovation Cluster. Recruitment for the next stream is expected in June-July of this year. Don't miss the announcement.
We present to your attention a startup "VOCA.CC" - online service of weekend tours by subscription.
Tourism startups: Every year, the global tourism market is growing by 5%. And the sphere of startups in such a "tourist boom" is not asleep. New IT solutions are being created that allow tourists to facilitate and brighten up their journey.
An experienced team consisting of representatives from 4 countries: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Russia joined together to make an interesting idea a reality.

voca.cc - finalists of the ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0 Program, organized by NURIS Cluster with the support of Shell Kazakhstan with the Shell LiveWire Global Entrepreneurship Development Program.

We asked the guys a few questions to introduce our audience to the project in more detail.
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Startup "EMOTION" - how to turn participation in challenges into a business?
The world is becoming more and more immersed in digital technologies, but given the pandemic, many offline processes have been converted to online: online training, online competitions, online challenges, etc.
Online challenges, by the way, have gained particular popularity in recent years, thanks to Instagram and TikTok.
Taking this trend into account, Zhanibek, Anel, Asia, Ilona, Maxim friendly and versatile team of the startup "EMOTION", a participant of the ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0 Program, came up with the idea of how to turn participation in challenges into a business.

They created the online platform Emotion. Platform will play an important role for socialization people, because by participating in challenges, everyone can afford to have friends!

Briefly about the origin of the ideas from the founders:
"History our startup originates back from school when one of my classmates, and in the future and co-founder, decided to challenge yourself and try to do the splits in 30 days.
His aspiration was supported by other guys - so the idea of the first challenge.

Throughout the month, we did stretching and supported each other. The challenge format has proven to be an effective and very interesting way to achieve your goals.
During the year, we launched more challenges, in which the entire school has already participated.

And then it was decided to monetize this idea. The starting point was participation in the VQ Teens Startup Battle startup contest, where our project was highly appreciated by the jury and we received investment for the development of EMOTION. Now the project is something more!".

The Emotion team is a finalist of the ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0 Program, organized by NURIS Cluster with the support of Shell Kazakhstan with the Shell LiveWire Global Entrepreneurship Development Program.

We wish you success @emotion.platform and encourage you to participate in a variety of challenges together with EMOTION!
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Electrocar made by Nazarbayev University students in NURIS MACHINE SHOP
We are delighted to present you the electrocar which made by the members of the group of young people who are interested in the development of electric vehicles. SUNQAR TEAM consists of students of Nazarbayev University who study in such specialties as Electronic Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Computer Science.

The SUNQAR TEAM designs and assembles the electriccar in the NURIS MACHINE SHOP under the supervision of the engineers. The MACHINE SHOP is an ideal location for engineering projects, as a prototype of an electric car, as it helps with innovative infrastructure, the presence of tenants companies that can help in the manufacture of parts and give advice on the material of the corpus. For example the Technopark tenants QAZDRON helped to the SUNQAR TEAM in the manufacture of parts for an electric car.

SUNQAR TEAM with electrocar will participate in the international competition Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2021- competition aimed at creating eco-friendly and energy-efficient electric vehicles.

Let us show the entire process of SUNQAR TEAM's work from the inside, starting from management and purchasing materials, ending with testing of the finished machine
Watch video
Are you a scientist, a startupper, a developer of new devices or do you have an idea?
We will help you implement it at all stages from creating design documentation to presenting the finished prototype
Sterile box for Bioprinter #madebyNURIS
The application was received from Professor of the" School of Engineering and Digital Sciences " Dana Akylbekova @dana_akilbekova86 in the framework of the project "Creating a 3D in vitro model of human organotypic bone".
The main condition of the technical task was to create a "sterile environment" and provide a " temperature in the range of 4-15 ° C in the printing area
Steel cases for radio-electronic equipment #madebyNURIS
NURIS Machine Shop received an application for the manufacture of steel cases for radio-electronic equipment. The enclosures are distinguished by their design features, weight and size, the number and variety of installed elements, as well as the requirements for climate design
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