Prototyping center
Machine for foam plastic shaped cutting
Our NURIS Machine Shop has launched another machine! The new CNC machine with independent movement of a string allows to process both the expanded polystyrene (foam) and the extruded foam of any density.
This machine performs 3D cutting of foam products of any complex shape, quickly and accurately.

The CNC Machine for create:
three-dimensional letters, logos (3D logos)
signs and inscriptions for outdoor and indoor advertising
design of exhibition stands
decorative elements, decorations, for example, for theater or cinema
P. O. P. displays for points of sale
mock-UPS of commercial products, thematic details
architectural 🕌scale models
insulation of pipes and columns
forms of precast concrete structures, etc
The advantage of cooperation with us is full technical support for order execution, which includes not only the manufacture and delivery of finishedproducts, but also supervision, technical advice and approval of spare parts according to the customer's sketches.
If you have an idea, you can always contact our managers for advice by sending a request by email
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