Dear NU community!

We invite you to a practical online course for beginners on 3D modeling FUSION 360.
3D modeling can give you a beautiful one shot picture of your design. It is more realistic, quicker and easier than 2D. Knowing how to create a three-dimensional model, you can easily embody your ideas: send the model for 3D printing, order milling on a CNC machine or cut from sheet material using a laser cutter.

With the basic skills in our online course, you can develop your knowledge to industrial design and mechanical engineering. The main thing is to have the right attitude and desire.
On the online course you will learn:
create objects using parametric modeling;
freeform design;
assembly of components;
3D printing.

The course is for beginners and will consist of
18 video lessons.

Practical lessons 3 times a week in ZOOM
(lesson lasts 60 minutes).

Age: 13+

Course fee: 8200 tenge
Language of instruction - Russian.

Course starts on January 25, 2021
Course time will be mailed.
A free trial version of Fusion 360 can be downloaded here:
Қазақша оқу
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