Brackets for Professor Spitas' project manufactured in the NURIS Machine SHOP.

In the NURIS MachineShop pilot plant, 6 steel brackets were manufactured in the size of 300*220*600 mm and 1 steel frame sized 440*220*640 mm from 40 mm thick metal sheet

Request came from Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor at the School of Engineering.

Stages of work:
In accordance with the 3D model provided by the customer, working and assembly drawings were developed to produce these products
Milling works on a CNC machine on complex geometric sections, welding, assembly and painting works were carried out
An important feature of this application was the need to remove thermal stress after welding. The situation was further exacerbated by the fact that there was no furnace appropriate for the large overall dimensions of the items.
However, our engineers found the solution by manufacturing a new muffle furnace cover, which allowed us to increase the working area.
Thus, the creativity and ingenuity of our engineers allowed us to save money and time on this important task.
Upgraded oven with increased working area
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