Dear NU community,
we are delighted to share the news from the prototyping center NURIS Machine Shop.
Machine Shop has opened a training classroom in the Technopark
Our engineers have completed special courses from SIEMENS and DMG MORI companies and ready to teach everyone
The Machine Shop has opened a training classroom, which is equipped with 9 workstations with high performance computers, programming / training software, training console for learning to work on virtual machines with CNC SIEMENS Sinumerik TrainingBox, a projector and an interactive whiteboard.
Please, look at a few photos with examples of work in the SIEMENS NX CAE, CAM, CAD program and from the SIEMENS Sinumerik training console:
In the new year, we plan to start teaching training courses in the following areas:
Simulation in Siemens NX CAD environment
Engineering analysis in Siemens NX CAE software
Writing control programs in Siemens NX CAM for turning and milling machines
Turning and milling on CNC machines (SIEMENS Sinumerik)
Automation systems based on Kontar "Komega Basic" controller
Design of electronic boards on Altium Designer, Eagle CAD
The courses will be conducted by engineers of the Machine Shop and the Renewable Energy Testsite. The professional experience and the availability of equipment will allow students to develop practical skills in the learning process.

We invite everyone to participate in our courses. Follow the announcements about admission for courses on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram.
We also remind you that you can order an engineering analysis of your products and projects.

If you have an idea, you can always contact our engineers for advice by sending a request to email
More about Machine Shop
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