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NURIS MotiVibe guest seminar:
"Attracting Investments in Startups".
Speaker: Yerzhan Ryskaliev,
CEO and co-founder of Clockster
NURIS MotiVibe invites you to a guest seminar on the topic "Attracting Investments in Startups", organized in collaboration with CEO and co-founder of Clockster - Yerzhan Ryskaliev.

Who will be interested in: startups and young entrepreneurs
Date and time: February 12 at 15:00
Location: Nazarbayev University, Glass Pavilion (pyramid building), 2nd floor, conference hall
Language: Russian
Limited number of seats.

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About Speaker:
In July 2017, Yerzhan Ryskaliev and Iman Rakhmetullin launched a project that attracted the first investment of $ 100,000. Clockster is a technology that processes employee fingerprints. This helps companies see when they got started or left the workplace. Biometry provides data transparency, that is, you can get accurate data that this particular person was noted at work at this time. Here it is no longer possible to register for a friend or ascribe a couple of extra hours. Due to the accuracy of the data, you can consider the salary, working hours and not think about the human factor. During the workshop, Yerzhan will share the secrets of a startup incubator.

Key points of the speech:
1. Attraction of seed investments at the initial stage;
2. What is a convertible loan and equity;
3. The right pitch to get investors interested

* Due to the limited number of places, please participate in the seminar if you are registered.
If you are registered but cannot attend, please contact by e-mail so that we can offer places to other participants.

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