A number of challenges need to be addressed
Dear faculty members,

ERG is looking for ideas on various stages of maturity (from "unconfirmed" till "ready to be implemented"), that have potential to increase efficiency of their existing business or make a breakthrough in the entire industiry.

In return,
they will support you with funding, laboratory and research facilities, access to their existing facilities for testing.

Don't miss this opportunity!
ERG is a group of companies which are operating diversified mining and smelting with fully integrated mining, processing, energy production, logistical and marketing operations.
The company is looking for the innovative approaches, ideas or technologies, according to the updated list of challenges on their website.
If you have any ideas, please, fill up the application form and send us back your confirmation letter, so Project office (croffice@nu.edu.kz ) can check the status with ERG department.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to connect us: croffice@nu.edu.kz