Huge terabytes of data need your analysis
Dear faculty members,

The "Korkem Technologies" company is interested in collaboration with
Nazarbayev University in


Don't miss this opportunity!

Korkem Technologies is a dynamically developing company that successfully operates in the Kazakhstani market in the field of information technology, video surveillance and telecommunications. The company is known for the development of its core product - "Sergek".
"Sergek" is an intelligent video monitoring, analysis and forecasting system that records violations on the streets and roads of Kazakhstani cities.

"Sergek" includes a network of video recording modules, an image recognition system, as well as an intelligent system for processing and analyzing information.

The company has installed thousands of video cameras "Sergek" in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Oskemen, Atyrau, Shymkent, Turkestan, and Tashkent cities.

(please, see the presentation in the attachment).
The company is looking for ideas and other applications of the big data obtained from the intelligent video monitoring system "Sergek" including:
Transport traffic data;
Video data from surveys of public order;
Data on air pollution in sites of monitoring points.
If you have ideas on how to use big data analysis
and you are interested in cooperation, please send your expression of interest to
(Project Office of NURIS).

We also ask you to send us your CV with background information related to the big data analysis sphere.
You can visit the web-site of the "Korkem Technologies" company; information is presented only in Russian.

For more information, please, contact the Project Office of NURIS -