We invite technology startups to sign a contract!
Dear students, startups, and our partners!

NURIS launches a
Corporate Acceleration Program

for the AGF Group Industrial Company.
This is a program for accelerated adaptation of startup projects to the needs of the Customer (AGF Group) with subsequent integration into production.
What awaits the winners of
the corporate acceleration
Mentoring support for piloting and implementing the project.
Contract for implementation
The winners will be able to implement their project by signing a contract with AGF Group.
Grant for prototyping
Opportunity to get a grant for prototyping.
Scaling the solution
If the technological solution is successfully implemented in the AGF Group processes, the winner will be able to scale the solution to other IKEA suppliers and other textile manufacturers.
About the Customer:
AGF Group is the leader of the textile industry in Kazakhstan, the largest specialized clothing factory for the production of home textiles
in Kazakhstan, and IKEA certified supplier.
How to participate?
Submit an application for solving the proposed tasks
by November 30, 2020.
View tasks
Submit an application
If you still have any questions,
contact us by email or phone

E-mail: nsuleimenov@nu.edu.kz
Phone: +7 708 104 1777
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