Prototyping center
Stylish electric golf car made by NURIS Machine Shop
Our cool electric NURIS CAR was designed and manufactured in the Machine Shop prototyping center in honor of the ten-year anniversary of the University's foundation to move around the campus of Nazarbayev University.
Modern technologies for manufacturing power units and body parts, 5-coordinate processing, laser cutting and bending of metal, and powder coating were used in the production car.
Main characteristics:
Number of seats – 2 seats
Engine power-3 kW
Maximum speed is 25 km/h
Power reserve on a single battery charge is up to 50 km
Some amazing pictures of the stylish electric NURIS CAR
Enjoy the YouTube video (video in Russian)
Let we introduce our engineers who made the NURIS CAR
Aidar Alimbayev - Electronics Engineer
Performed work on the electronics and electrical parts of the car
Ranil Ibragimov - Design Engineer
Developed and implemented the overall brilliant design of an electric car
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