Electrocar made by Nazarbayev University students
We are delighted to present you the members of the group of young people who are interested in the development of electric vehicles. SUNQAR TEAM consists of students of Nazarbayev University who study in such specialties as Electronic Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, and Computer Science.
SUNQAR TEAM with electrocar will participate in the international competition Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2021- competition aimed at creating eco-friendly and energy-efficient electric vehicles.
Let us show the entire process of SUNQAR TEAM's work from the inside, starting from management and purchasing materials, ending with testing of the finished machine
Watch a virtual technical inspection video for Shell Eco-Marathon Asia round 2021
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Shell Eco-Marathon is an international competition that challenges student teams around the world to design, assemble, test and manage ultra-energy-efficient cars.