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For those, who are too lazy to listen to and it is easier to read the summary of the live broadcast with Product Head Nommi, who launched their campaign on the crowdfunding platform "Indiegogo".
How to create a hardware startup,
from idea to prototype
"The idea of a startup should be come out from a real problem that either no one has solved yet, or it has not been solved qualitatively or fully."
The idea of creating the Nommi product arose from a real problem that the founders of the startup Alena Tkachenko and Kairat Akhmetov faced when they were left abroad without the Internet. In the future, the team tested and checked own hypothesis at this stage startup needs to answer the following questions: "What problem the product solves", "How big is this problem", "Is it really an important issue for a potential customer", "Is your potential customer ready to pay for the solution," "Why a potential client will pay it to you."
About crowdfunding and
the Nommi experience
The main point of crowdfunding - I have an idea that will solve your problem, and you have money, let's help each other.

It is important to clearly define the aim of bringing the project to crowdfunding platforms. For Nommi crowdfunding was a way to enter the American market.

There are 2 major crowdfunding platforms - KickStarter and Indiegogo.
There are a number of differences
between these platforms:
Difference #1.

The level of trust of backers and the media to KickStarter is higher than to Indiedogo, since the platform can only be accessed with a working prototype and applications from the site are moderated by a person.

You can go to Indiegogo with an idea, without a prototype. The moderation process on the platform is automated.

Nommi Experience: This difference is one of the reasons why Nommi came to Indiegogo. At the start of the campaign, Nommi had a prototype at the proof of concept stage (i.e., the prototype is not ready for sale). The product photo for the campaign start was created in Photoshop.
Difference #2.

Indiegogo has more powerful marketing and newsletters than KickStarter. There is an access to the email addresses of backers, it is possible to connect Pixel for retargeting.
Difference #3.

On KickStarter, the fundraising mechanics are fixed. If the amount specified at the start is not collected, then KickStarter does not give money. On Indiegogo, you can choose between a fixed or flexible fundraising system. That is, you take everything you earn.
Angel investments or
crowdfunding platforms
There is a myth that entering crowdfunding platforms is a way to make millions. But it is important to know the statistics that more than half of the companies earn on crowdfunding within $ 10,000.

Less than 1% of companies earn more than $ 100,000 and only less than 0.1% will be able to earn more than $1 million. To get into the trending crowdfunding campaigns, you need to collect more than 40% of the claimed amount in the first 3 days from the start of the campaign.

To do this, you need to gather your audience BEFORE you go to crowdfunding.To do this, you need a budget that you need to calculate and have before you start on the platform.
How did you attract international experts?
Nommi was hired by an American advertising agency to launch on Indiegogo. We worked with a Ukrainian company on the industrial design of the product, and the producing of the product was in China. At the same time, the product was developed in Kazakhstan.
What advice can you give to aspiring startups aiming crowdfunding platforms?
Do not economise on the video, the first 5 seconds decide everything. During this time, you need to "hook" a potential backer.
Tell them immediately about the problem that your product solves.
Downplay the stated amount of the fee.
This increases the audience's trust rating for your product.
Crowdfunding platforms are not a way to make a lot of money.
Access to such sites can help you enter international markets and serve as an excellent tool for promoting the project.
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