Here's the snow-spring NURIS DIGEST №16 — as also as traditional and warm. Inside — about online courses and workshops, as elements of self-development, briefly about the live broadcast of Kick Starter 2.0, a series of posts about ABC Inc & TCA, we presented the service capabilities of Machine Shop and much more.

Wishing you an enjoyable read!
How to create a hardware startup, from idea to prototype?

For those, who are too lazy to listen to and it is easier to read the summary of the live broadcast with Product Head Nommi, who launched their campaign on the crowdfunding platform "Indiegogo"
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If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact Aidar Alimbayev +7(747)1794792 or by email aidar.alimbayev@nu.edu.kz
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We invite you to take part in the world's largest green business ideas competition -Climate Launchpad 2021
You have a green business idea and want to take it to the next level? Perfect, you should enter Climate Launchpad.

Don't worry if you don't have a business planjust yet or if your idea is still on the back of a napkin.
You are most welcome to join.
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We have a new record! 399 participants of ABC INCUBATION x RCA 2.0: 288 projects and 111 talents!

Итак, мы подвели ✔️ итоги приема заявок в программу ABC INCUBATION x TCA 2.0, организованную NURIS при поддержке компании "Шелл Казахстан" с глобальной программой развития предпринимательства Shell LiveWIRE.
Итоги отбора 1 этапа
Друзья, мы рады поделиться с вами результатами отбора стартапов 🚀 во 2-ой этап программы ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0, которая проходит при поддержке компании «Шелл Казахстан» с глобальной программой развития предпринимательства Shell LiveWIRE.
Anarbek Utegulov, Head of the Business Accelerator, told:
What is ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0?
The Head of the Business Accelerator together with the NU Student Government Ministry
- Who can participate in the program? - How will the program take place?
- Who will receive up to 3,500,000 tenge? - How to apply for participation?
Do we have gamers here?! Good news for you 😊 . Without a powerful computer you can't play new video games. However, the guys from beGame dispelled this myth.
They have created a platform that allows you to play the latest computer games at maximum graphics settings from any computer. The main thing is the Internet access.
Кронштейн для научного проекта профессора Спитаса
In the NURIS MachineShop pilot plant, 6 steel brackets were manufactured in the size of 300*220*600 mm and 1 steel frame sized 440*220*640 mm from 40 mm thick metal sheet

Request came from Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor at the School of Engineering.

If you have an idea, you can always ask for advice from our engineers by sending a request to machineshop@nu.edu.kz
This application was submitted by Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor of the School of Engineering, as part of the Research Project "Nonlinear hysteresis damping of granular nanocomposite cellular structures for vibration and optimized design of artificial space satellites (HYST)"
Are you a scientist, a startupper, a developer of new devices or do you have an idea?
We will help you implement it at all stages from creating design documentation to presenting the finished prototype
Machine for foam plastic shaped cutting
Our NURIS Machine Shop has launched another machine! The new CNC machine with independent movement of a string allows to process both the expanded polystyrene (foam) and the extruded foam of any density.
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ONLINE COURSE ON MOTION - DESIGN for everyone who has ever dreamed of creating animations, but for some reason hesitated.
We are glad to invite you for The first joint workshop by MADS International Agency and Digital Creativity Lab (NURIS) on
Together we will destroy the myth that creativity is a gift or an innate talent. However, creativity is a skill that absolutely everyone can easily master. We will look at it in parts and find out: how much of the parts creates creativity as a whole.

Anna Tishkevich,
creative director and social enterpreneur
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Record of the Instagram Live Stream about KickStarter 2.0
What are the crowdfunding platforms?
How will the KickStarter 2.0 contest be held?
How many projects will be selected for the final stage?
Dear friends, we have collected for you the most successful projects of 2019-2020 on Kickstarter.
Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding platform, which has already helped many people to realize their business dreams.

We hope that the participants of our Kick Starter 2.0 programs can be inspired by this selection and create something of their own projects.
On February 25 was held the new Fab Lab workshop CSS3 animation for beginners
Animation is the trend of 2021 web programming. CSS3 animation makes websites dynamic. It brings web pages to life, improving the user experience. Our workshop will show you basic information you need to know about CSS3 and animations.
Online course "How to create the simplest mobile applications on Android and learn the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP)" began on 9 March
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