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Dear NU Community!



Our friendly and close-knit team has been creating and developing projects for 10 years, in each of which they put a lot of effort and commitment.

And on this significant day, we want to share with you
a video of congratulations made with love from NURIS, and also invite you to participate in the anniversary challenge (conditions below).

Thank you for watching!
We'd love to hear your congratulations by email and social media @nuris_cluster!

Watch the video
A lot has changed at NURIS over 10 years. Here you can brush up on all these events and look at NURIS in numbers.
annually we hold over 100 events with over 3000 participants
5 business incubation programs "ABC Incubation" (more than 700 applications, 138 startups-participants, 53 startups that reached Demo Day, startups raised more than $ 200,000);
7 business acceleration programs "ABC Quick Start" (more than 400 applications, 77 startups participating, 64 startups that reached Demo Day, more than $ 800,000 were raised by startups);
More than 100 permanent residents of Technopark, DC Lab and Fablab per year;
more than 200 completed contract studies and projects;
over 3000 m2 of office space for innovative companies
more than 800 m2 of industrial area;
more than 50 types of machines and equipment;
over 1000 projects carried out by the experimental workshop Machine shop.
2011 - 2013
Formation and development of the Intellectual and Innovative Cluster of Nazarbayev University in V directions:
I. Leadership in reforming the education system in Kazakhstan
II. Academic leadership
III. Scientific leadership
IV. Creation of a service delivery model in healthcare
V. Innovation and the introduction of science into production.
- Opening of the pilot Technopark NURIS,
- the opening of the experimental workshop Machine Shop.
2015 - 2017
- Launch of Business Acceleration and Business Incubation programs,
- Opening of the Digital prototyping Fab Lab and Digital Creativity Laboratory.
2018 - 2019
- Launch of Tech Central Asia programs in Central Asian countries,
- Makeathon,
- Markethon,
- Hackathon,
- Co.co.nights,
- KickStarter,
- Corporate challenges,
- Shell Car,
- Challenge in Barcelona by electric scooter,
- and many others.
2020 - 2021
- Moving to the Pyramid,
- repairs in DC LAB;
- the transition of all startups support programs and courses to the online format;
- launch of online courses for Business Angels;
- launching online SciTech Bootcamp;
- conducting the online lectures and live broadcasts with famous businessmen and media personalities;
- and many others.
Together, nothing can stop us.

Phew! We can't even believe that today we are 10 years old! We re-read our 10-year history with you, remembered fond memories.
We still have so much to do!
And here are the conditions of the anniversary challenge =)
Conditions for participation in #challengenuris10years in our Instagram - @nuris_cluster
Find photos or videos in the archives of your phone that remind you of NURIS and its projects.
Perhaps you have memorable materials from programs - ABC incubation, Quick Start, Markethon, Makeathon, as well as from hackathons and master classes, Co.Co.night and other events.
Publish a photo or video in your stories, marking the date of the event, location, people in the photo, and of course, tagging us @nuris_cluster.
Better yet, provide details. Let's live these emotions together again.
Write in the comments to the holiday posts: Happy birthday, NURIS!
Or share flashbacks from a memory with us.
On February 10 (Wednesday) we will summarize the results of the anniversary challenge.
The winners will receive:
2 monthly subscriptions to Dc Lab;

1 month subscription to Fablab;
1 free place to attend any paid course of Fablab;
30-minute consultation on creating your own startup from the Business Incubator.
Dear professors, students and staff of NU, we are waiting for your active participation!
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