Online workshop from NURIS Technopark tenant
"OPTI Well - real-time well optimization"
September 25 at 6pm
About workshop
Online workshop for students and all comers!

Resident of NURIS Technopark MANUL invites you to an online workshop "OPTI Well – online well optimization" on September 25 at 6pm.
Speaker Arkhat Sultabayev
Senior Production Optimization Engineer, one of the developers of the OPTI Well platform
What you will known?
Main features of the industrial application of Internet of Things (IoT) will be presented with focus on oil and gas production processes.
The trends and challenges related to data transfer and data processing will be discussed on practical cases.
Participants will gain understanding of the various components of the Industrial IoT for monitoring and controlling technological processes.
Будут рассмотрены основные тренды и сложности, связанные с передачей и обработкой данных на практических примерах.
What do you get?
You will get acquainted with new trends in the implementation of well digitalization projects. Learn the importance of online well monitoring through practical examples.
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