A planetary gearbox was designed and manufactured in the NURIS Machine SHOP.

A planetary gearbox is a complex mechanical assembly consisting of many parts, shafts and gears, bearings, satellites, epicycle, and other elements that convert the input torque into an output torque with a greater or lesser value.

This application was submitted by Dr. Christos Spitas, Professor of the School of Engineering, as part of the Research Project "Nonlinear hysteresis damping of granular nanocomposite cellular structures for vibration and optimized design of artificial space satellites (HYST)"

Our engineers performed calculation of the gear wheels, selected the bearing blocks in accordance with the calculated loads, and developed the gear assembly design based on the technological capabilities of #NURIS_MachineShop equipment.
In accordance with the design documentation, the gear parts were manufactured on turning, milling and gear-cutting machines and their heat treatment was carried out.
Then the final assembly and tests of the planetary gearbox were conducted.
Planetary gearbox video on Facebook
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