We have a new record!
399 participants of ABC INCUBATION x TCA 2.0:
288 projects and 111 talents!
Dear NU community!

We are delighted to share with you
the results of the selection of startups for the 2nd stage of the
ABC INCUBATION x TCA 2.0 program, which is organized by NURIS and supported by "Shell Kazakhstan" with the Shell LiveWire global Entrepreneurship Development Program.
We have received 288 applications for the ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0 program. At the 1st stage of the Program, 165 projects were admitted, which for 10 days passed various webinars and completed practical tasks. According to the results of the completed tasks, 100 projects were presented to the jury.

Among these projects, 42 projects were selected for the 2nd stage of ABC Incubation x TCA 2.0, based on the jury's assessments, and in agreement with Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business, another startup - the winner of the business project competition within the framework of the "BUS101" course for bachelor degree students of Nazarbayev University participates in the program. Thus, the BosPlace project is the 43rd startup participant.
All these projects can be divided into the following areas:
E-commerce – 15;
IT services for the B2C sector - 9;
Education – 9;
Medicine and healthcare – 4;
Clean Technologies – 3;
Artificial Intelligence – 1;
Fintech – 1;
IT / IoT solutions for the manufacturing sector - 1.
Which projects were selected?
c'mon! - a networking app where people find like-minded people with similar interests.

Crosstime is a mobile application for organizing online training sessions, competitions, and personal training sessions.

is a universal application for serving in restaurants and cafes.

EMOTE - an online platform for creating a list of desired gifts and sharing the list with your loved ones.

EMOTION is a platform that unites people with similar goals and interests by participating in challenges with prescribed rules.
Factory Price is an online wholesale and retail trading platform (mobile and web application) for commodity producers, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

- online legal counselling in real time.

GO - creating an ecosystem in the field of catering: booking, pre-ordering, pickup, delivery and ordering from the place in one application, connected with a CRM system.

GoldLeaf is an innovative network platform that will unite current schoolchildren, students, graduates and recruiters of Kazakhstan.

I-Bala is an online educational platform for children in Kazakh language.
i-travels - a platform for the development of domestic tourism.

InLab is an online service that interprets patient tests in the most detailed and understandable form for the common man, for each of the analysis points, advises the right doctors and preventive measures.

Learny is an online video chat that allows people with common ambitions/interests to instantly call each other in one click.

Medicallu - an application for health care, with additional services.

NG-PHOTOBIO is a new generation plant (photobioreactor) that effectively uses algae to produce large amounts of oxygen and biomass.
OpusPlace - Office management platform that combines everything you need for your office in one platform with hundreds of partner services.

oqustudy.kz is an online educational platform with an intelligent adaptive learning system.

PriceGen – a service for dynamic fuel pricing at gas stations.

- a service that allows you to buy or sell real estate in a short time without mediation.

Qfit – a mobile app for fitness, using QR.

Recordo.me - a service for searching and selling photos from running marathons using artificial intelligence technologies, in particular services for recognizing the numbers of runners.
RestIn - a program for improving and automating business.

SarqytApp - a platform for implementing the sale of dishes that were left on the counter at the end of the day.

Smartestprep is an online platform that helps talented students from any country get an international education, including scholarships and grants.

Soz.ai - full analysis of Instagram account comments.

Talentli is an online service that sorts candidates by real achievements at school, work and life, which allows companies to instantly identify the best of the best.
Thenar is a portable e-book in Braille with the function of learning to read and storing books on a memory card.

UnApp_Space - an automated platform for complete preparation for admission to foreign universities.

UNI is a platform that brings together schoolchildren, students and professionals in their field to exchange experience.

is community of interest for travelers with the benefits of a marketplace.

Waternovation - innovative waste water treatment technology by recycling for reuse.
WorkTap.kz - marketplace of freelance services.

The Guru Business Model is an online service that helps retail investors make decisions to invest in stocks and bonds of listed companies.

Water-coal fuel mixture - a new technology for processing coal waste into low-carbon fuel WURST-X, which exceeds natural gas in its thermal characteristics.

ТМПН Testing Laboratory - a laboratory that provides services for oil companies to conduct experiments on the injection of steam into reservoirs.

School of Physiognomy Sherlock
school is a multilingual platform for teaching Physiognomy skills in a game format, with intermediate and final tests.
Studentor is an online platform for knowledge exchange among students of Kazakhstan.

BosPlace - an application for tracking restaurant load.Aspan Academy is an online school of multidisciplinary school education, preparation for specialized exams and advice on admission abroad.
Among the startups who have passed the 2nd stage of the ABC INCUBATION х ТСА 2.0 Program, there is:
1 Nazarbayev University employee;
13 Nazarbayev University students and graduates;
11 students of other KZ universities;
10 enterpreneurs;
5 employees;
3 students of Nazarbayev Intellectual School.
By age category, most of the participants are aged 20-24 years, followed by 8 startups aged 30 to 35 years, 7 participants to 20 years, 5 participants aged 25-30 years and 4 participants aged 35+ years.
In 12 weeks, the best ideas will become
a real business!

Follow our news - we will share the progress of each startup.
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