Take a step
from research to business!
To the attention of MSc / PhD students, postdoctoral students and young scientists in the field of STEM!

Especially for you, we are launching the second online program of technological entrepreneurship SciTech BootCamp 2.0.
Do you have an idea and the determination to put it into action? And NURIS Cluster has the opportunity to help you take your idea to the next level!
The SciTech Bootcamp 2.0 will help you understand how to launch your business, test the viability of your idea, and acquire the entrepreneurial mindset and basic skills needed to successfully launch and grow your business, as well as building a team.

SciTech Bootcamp 2.0 - is a 2-week intensive course on technology entrepreneurship and business idea generation for Master degree and PhD students in STEM.
What will you get after completing
the 2-week course?
Learn how to generate and find business ideas.
Learn to test the viability of your idea.
Learn how to negotiate with potential clients.
Learn strategies that will help you make your first sales with value to the customer.
Learn how to promote your own startup.
You will understand why you need a co-founder and how to find one.
Learn how to properly divide the shares between the co-founders.
Find out what resources are available to get help as your idea grows.
Create a new business idea or refine an existing one.
You will leave inspired and ready for action.
Also, you will have a unique opportunity to get practical advice directly from real business owners and startups on the SciTech BootCamp 2.0 program:
Who will perform for you?
Arman Suleimenov
Founder of nFactorial School. Co-founder of Hora.AI / Zero To One Labs / nFactorial Incubator. Graduate of Purdue University (2010), Princeton University (2012) with specialty of "Computer Science".
Asset Akhmetov
CEO of Korkem Telecom - a company that deals with software development in the field of telecommunications and information technology.
Adilet Eleusov
CEO of Teachers Lab - an independent platform for teachers from the CIS countries, where you can sell, buy or post your copyright teaching materials for free.
Rula Rhyme
CEO of Froot.kz - a platform for the sale of products and goods.
Kenzhegali Nurgaliyev
CEO of Qmobot - the manufacturer of the first Kazakhstan educational robot.
Bauyrzhan Ospan
CEO of Cleverest Technologies - the First Kazakhstan Design Bureau for Industrial Automation, Robotics and IT Systems.
Dinmukhamed Dzhunusov
Founder and CEO of OKOO company - Digital School of Programming. The project provides courses for anyone looking to improve their digital skills.
Adil Suranchin
CEO of UTUTOR, Orbi - manufacturer of the world's first glasses that shoot 360-degree video.
Anarbek Utegulov
Head of the NURIS Cluster business accelerator, which supports startups at the stage of attracting investment.
Asylzhan Upasheva
Head of the NURIS Cluster business incubator, which supports startups at the idea stage.
Yerkebulan Baimukhambetov
Senior Manager of the Office for Work with the Innovation Community.
Arnagul Kabyken
Manager of NURIS Cluster Business Incubator.
Kemal Bakirov
Manager of NURIS Cluster business accelerator.
DATE: from March 29 to April 08, 2021!
Registration is already open! Follow the link
Deadline for submission of applications is March 25.

Participants who have completed the full course
will receive a Certificate.

Hurry up! The number of seats is limited.

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The organizers reserve the right to select participants based on the completed registration form.

❓ Any questions? Write to motivibe@nu.edu.kz.

The course takes place on the NURIS CLUSTER platform.
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