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We are glad to inform you about the result of the

joint cooperation between the resident of Technopark "KazAeroSpace" LLP and the Professor of the School of Mining and Geosciences of the Nazarbayev University Peyman Pourafshary.
Their joint project "Creating a 3D map of underground utilities in the urban area" won a grant from the NU Commercialization Office.
The problem with most cities is the presence of abandoned underground networks and the uncertainty of their exact location.

This 3D map will solve these problems by taking an inventory of all networks according to the methodology developed by us, using GPR, device for detecting underground cables and GNSS equipment.
This project is innovative, as previously the problems of underground utilities have not been solved to this day, even on known sites.

At the moment, no analogues of this map and methodology have been found in the database of patents of Kazakhstan.
The final product will be a 3D map of underground utilities in different cities of Kazakhstan. The access to these cards will be provided through a subscription.
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