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about our young startup

Dear NU Community!

We are very excited to share with you the news from our graduate of the business incubation and acceleration programs.

Our startup "AERO" has achieved an income of 30 000 000 tenge
over the past 1.5 months.

According to Miras, his team has released a product with new functionality, which is ahead of its Russian counterparts in terms of efficiency.

Our young entrepreneur took two more talented guys to his team and organized a Supervisory Board in the company.

AERO plans to enter international markets.

Miras Sovetov is a graduate of Nazarbayev University. He has already participated in the NURIS business incubation and acceleration programs 2 times.
How it all began?
Miras came to the NURIS in 2018 with only one idea, as a 2nd year student of the SEDS of NU. Back then, he was developing a start-up for spot field processing.
Miras acquired business skills, built a team, and started developing a prototype.
The young innovator didn't stop there. He passed the Hong Kong business accelerator Brinc and received a $110,000 investment from Artesian, the Hong Kong venture capital Fund. With this investment, Miras was able to create the first prototype and test it. Later, he also attracted investments from the pre-seed Fund "ABC-I2BF Fund".
In 2020, Miras came to us again, not alone this time but with his friend. They completed the ABC Incubation and Quick Start programs, where they implemented the new AERO project.
What is AERO?
It is a convenient online exam proctoring service called AERO, which automatically detects and records suspicious actions of the test taker during the entire exam.
web-site of AERO
We congratulate Miras and his team on this incredible news and wish them further success!
We kindly remind you about accepting applications for the seventh stream of the acceleration program of Nazarbayev University "quickstart VII".
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p.s. We are sincerely happy about the achievements of our young and ambitious startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, we will continue to share success stories.
Thank you for staying with us!
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